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Almond, known as the king of nuts, is a highly nutritious food. It is an effective health-building food, both for the body and mind, and a valuable food remedy for several common ailments.

Almond contain mostly monounsaturated fats, which are effective at lowering harmful cholesterol, so can help to protect the heart and arteries from disease.

Their vitamin E also aids the prevention of heart disease. Vitamin B and E and a host of minerals make almonds a valuable nerve tonic and brain food.

Excellent for those under pressure, they help to relieve tention and anxiety, and ensure a restful sleep. Taken in drinks, particularly milk almonds are easily digested and make a nutritious alternative fot breast milk when weaning babies. Helps relieve constipation. The vitamin E and calsium in almonds reduce the symptoms of menopause and help tp prevent osteoporosis.


The medicinal virtues of almonds arise chiefly from pharmaco dynamic action of copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B1. These chemicals exert a synergic action - i.e. increased energy due to chemical interaction and help the formation of new blood cells, hemoglobin and play a major role in maintaining the smooth physiological functions of brain, nerves, bones, heart and liver.


Almonds are useful food remedy for anemia.

It is an excellent laxative. 11 to 15 kernels taken at bed time will facilitate a clear motion the next morning.

Almonds are very useful in case of loss of sexual energy which usually results from nervous debility and brain weakness. Their regular use will strengthen sexual power.

Skin Disorder:
Wild almonds are considered useful in skin diseases, especially eczema

Almond paste with milk cream softens and bleaches the skin and nourishes it with the choicest skin-food. Its regular application prevents early appearance of wrinkles, black heads, dryness of the skin, pimples and keeps the face fresh.


There are two varieties of almonds, the sweet and the bitter. There are thin-skinned and thick-skinned among the sweet variety. The thin-skinned, known as Kagzi in vernacular, is the best for use. The bitter variety of almonds should not be used as they contain prussic acid, a deadly poison. They have, however, some commercial importance and are used for producing almond oil, perfume and cosmetics.


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