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Double-Boiled Chinese Pears with Frillaria

This dish help combat dry coughs and phlegm.


1 Chinese pear
5 grams Frillaria powder
10 grams rock sugar


1. Wash and dry the pear with kitchen towel. Cut the pear across the top leaving the stalk in tact. Reserve this cap. Core the pear carefully with a teaspoon. Remove core and seeds. Use the spoon to scrape the flesh inside the pear, leaving enough flesh to keep the shape of the fruit yet mincing most of the flesh. Take care that you do not break through the skin.

2. Leave the scrape flesh inside the well created in the pear.

3. Add frillaria, rock sugar and enough hot water to fill 80 percent of the pear. Cover the pear with the cap reserved and secure it with toothpicks.

4. Place the stuffed pear into a deep covered tureen and double-boil for an hour over medium-low heat till the pear is
tender. Serve hot. Stir the content before eating. Both
the pear and its contents should be eaten.


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