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 Food Allergies and Food Intolerances
A food allergy is caused by the body’s immune system reacting inappropriately to a food or food additive. Symptoms include wheezing, diarrhea, rashes, itching, and headaches

 Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet
Because you already have heart disease or are at high risk for developing it, you should start on the TLC Diet right away. The TLC Diet is a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet that will help to reduce your blood cholesterol level to decrease your chance of developing heart disease, future heart attacks, and other heart disease complications.

 Find your balance between food and physical activity
Becoming a healthier you isn't just about eating healthy—it's also about physical activity. Regular physical activity is important for your overall health and fitness. It also helps you control body weight by balancing the calories you take in as food with the calories you expend each day

 Mix up your choices within each food group
Eat a variety of fruits—whether fresh, frozen, canned, or dried—rather than fruit juice for most of your fruit choices. For a 2,000-calorie diet, you will need 2 cups of fruit each day

 How Can I Make Sure I Get the Right Amount of Vitamin A?
Most Americans are getting adequate amounts of vitamin A. The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that, on average, U.S. men and women get about 6,064 IU and 5,256 IU of vitamin A respectively each day, which is more than twice the RDA.

 Are there nutritional differences between fresh foods and canned foods?
The heating process during canning destroys from one-third to one-half of vitamins A and C, riboflavin, and thiamin. For every year the food is stored, canned food loses an additional 5 to 20% of these vitamins.

 What are some tips in choosing a snack?
Today, it's easier than ever to find a version of your favorite brand or type of snack food that is lower in fat or sodium--or both--than the "regular" version.

 Can vegetables prevent cancer?
The National Cancer Institute, in its booklet Diet, Nutrition, & Cancer Prevention: A Guide to Food Choices, states that 35 percent of cancer deaths may be related to diet. The booklet states:

 Action List for Whole Grains
Did you know that there are some great reasons to eat more whole grain breads and cereals?

 Food as Medicine
Eat plenty of fish -- fish oil helps prevent headaches.
So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain.

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