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Herbs, when appropriately chosen, provide invaluable natural nutritional supplements to diets. Dan Shen, for instance, is a good source of protein, vitamin B1 and B12. It stimulates nervous system and promotes digestion, metabolism.

 Herbed Striped Bass
Striped Bass, seared with mixed fresh sage, parsley, basil and chives.

 Dang Shen and Astragalus Drink
Dang Shen with Astragalus added efficacy to impove the blood
circulation of all adults.

 Dang Shen Drink
Dang Shen is usually recommended by herbalists for children to improve their blood circulation.

 Dang Shen, Red Dates and Chicken Soup
This soup improves blood and cures anemia.

 Pork Ribs and Four Herbs Soup
For those who are pale and weak and complain of white genital discharge have this soup five or six times to see results.

 Dried Whelk and Chinese White Cabbage Soup

 Dried Sun-Moon Mollusc with Green Radish and Carrot Soup
This soup is good for improving eyesight.

 Chinese Gherkin and Coriander Leaves Soup
This dish will help reducing internal heat and relieving sore throats.

 Chicken with Four Precious Herbs
This dish is good for invigorating blood circulation, thereby giving a beautiful and glowing comple-xion. It is also to be effective in controlling menstrual flow.

 Precious Four Herbs Brew
Non-meaty brew, it's ideal for strengthening the arteries, veins and bones.

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